There are many different types of ways that your users can work remotely. A Remote Desktop Environment or a simple VPN is and effective way of working.

STARTEK can provide many different ways for users to work remotely, there are a lot of factors to consider when designing and implementing remote working solutions. The 2 most popular are Remote Desktop and VPN, both are very different and would be used in different scenarios but there are times when a VPN will be used in conjunction with Remote Desktop Services to ramp up security.

What is Remote Desktop Services? Remote Desktop Services or referred to as RDS is a way in which your users can compute and work from any location in the world. Remote Desktop uses a light weight software client that essentially enables users to connect to their own remote desktop environment with the in-built remote desktop client RDC which is normally part of a windows operating system. Once the user is authenticated with their user name and password, the RDC goes in to full screen mode where the computer that the user is using transforms in to their personal corporate desktop environment. Once they are logged in they can do whatever work the need to carry out remotely. It is possible for the user to print to the location where the user is working from which enables them to seamlessly work remotely.

RDS is normally installed on an additional server within your infrastructure which requires additional licences to be purchased for the number of users you wish to grant RDS access to. Once all the applications that your users require are installed. It is just a case of making the server live along with some security changes to your firewall, the users then can start working remotely.

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Networking) A VPN enables users to initiate a secure connection from anywhere in the world, it is much different from a Remote Desktop Services environment. The main difference is that when a user initiates a VPN connection the computer they are using becomes connected to the corporate network from whichever location they are connecting from. This means the user can launch business applications that may be installed on their laptop computer for example and use them as if they were in the office, an example of this could be Sage Accounting, Pro Claim, Quickbooks etc.

VPN connections do require a stable internet connection in both locations otherwise using a VPN on an unstable connection can be a very painful experience and sometimes unusable. In the scenario that you are planning on having multiple inbound VPN connections to your main site, careful planning needs to be carried out before any implementation goes ahead. There are many factors to consider, line speed, line consistency and a backup link in case in the event the main connection drops out and you wish to keep the VPN available at all times.

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