Virtualisation can save you money on hardware costs when you have the requirement for more than one server. It can also add huge flexibility when planning backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Virtual Machines (VM) are changing the way IT systems are being designed and implemented. VM Ware and Windows Hyper-V Server are a leading products which in short are a small piece of software called a Hypervisor. These thin layers of software are the building blocks of your Virtual Machines (VMís). The Hypervisor is controlled and managed via a client piece of software on the network. In a nutshell virtualisation can slash your IT budget in the infrastructure area by much as much as 50%. By cleverly designing a system and using VMís to their full potential. Some people develop an eggs in one basket theory, when using VM this is why it needs to be used effectively where possible.

When using Windows Hyper V Server to hosts virtual machines the backup feature available via the Microsoft Azure is phenomenal, virtual machines can be replicated up to the Azure Cloud and can be accessed in the event of a major disaster.

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