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Remote IT Support
STARTEK provide Remote IT Support to rectify the majority of the support calls raised by our clients. Remote Support enables us to take control of the userís computer to enable us to rectify issues that they are experiencing. 98% of our support incidents are resolved remotely which speaks for itself. We have total control of the server or computer when initiating a remote support session. This enables us to carry out pretty much every technical task possible to rectify IT issues other than an operating system re-install. If the support incident is within business hours and a computer became un responsive we would ask the user to power the computer down for us, so we can re-connect to the computer once rebooted.

Onsite IT Support
STARTEK provide Onsite IT Support to rectify any issues that cannot be resolved via Remote IT Support or it situations where an IT Engineer is needed to solve, rectify or carry out any requests the customer requires. When you need an emergency on site engineer STARTEK should be your first IT Company on the list to call. Our experienced team of engineers are here ready and waiting to respond to support incidents, we can normally provide you with an engineer the same day. Businesses who require STARTEK to respond to an Onsite IT Support call who are using us for the first time will have to make a payment for the first 2 hour call out up front. This is because we will not have an account setup for new clients straight away and will require some sort of guarantee in place.

Hardware Support
HP Servers, DELL Servers, HP Desktop Computers, DELL Desktop Computers, HP Laptops, DELL Laptops, Unbranded Computers. STARTEK can provide your business with Hardware Support for all of these and more. We have a large variety of suppliers which means we can source amd replacement parts to maintain your IT infrastructure. Most parts can be ordered and supplied to us next day if they are in stock which means we can minimise your downtime.

Network Support
STARTEK have helped many businesses get the most out of their networks by creating various solutions which have been driven by the budgets that they have had in place. We also maintain various types of networks from small to large enterprise networks. The network is the backbone which the servers and computers relay on to make sure data packets are exchanged between each endpoint quickly with the least amount of latency as possible. We have dealt with many network problems due to lower grade switches being used which has impacted the performance of the network.

It is very important to pick the correct switching fabric when implementing switches in to a network. Switching Fabric is a technical term which describes the amount of data throughout a switch can handle at any one time. This is normally important when certain networks have a lot of data transmission between computers and servers, case management systems are an example of this. STARTEK can provide Network Support in situations where users are experiencing network performance issues. We can analyse the network to see what is happened and if there are any bottlenecks in the data flow and recommend the right approach to rectifying the performance issues.

Wireless Networks
Wireless Networks can be a mine field when they are susceptible to interference from other competing networks. STARTEK can provide wireless surveys to see why there are wireless issues in your business environment. It sometimes can be a simple case of changing the channel configuration of access points but in other cases we normally find that the original solution that was originally implemented has issues dues to bad design or the equipment has degraded due to age and needs to be replaced.

We can provide various types of Wireless Solutions If you would like to discuss STARTEK providing your business with any of the service mentioned on this page, then please contact us on via the contact us form or click the email link below.

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STARTEK Out of hours IT Support is availble.
All out of hours emeregency call outs are charged at a higher rate. STARTEK require payment via Debit or Credit Card before sending an IT Engineer on site to an emergency call out