Disaster recovery, is having a plan in place in conjunction with an intelligent bare metal backup solution so that your business can recover quickly when a disaster event strikes.

Many SMEís rely on their core IT systems such as file servers, remote desktop servers, database servers and sometimes they will even have desktop computers acting as the main back bone of their IT Systems depending on what solutions they already have in place.

There are many types of disaster recovery plans which can be as small or large as you want to go, this is normally depending on what budgets are available. We also have to consider different threats that will impact your business an example of these are:

  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Software Corruptions
  • Hardware Failure Incidents
  • Flood, Fire and Theft of IT Systems
  • Power Outages
  • Internet Connectivity Outages

Luckily STARTEK have solutions for the above, we have cloud backup software to make sure your data is backed up and stored off site, intelligent bare metal recovery software that can restore a server / computer back to any other type of branded server / computer, we call this restoring back to disimilar hardware. This means our customers donít have keep an identical spare server / computer sitting on a shelf in case we ever need to carry out a recovery, this saves on IT costs and dead money on standby equipment.

We are able to provide customers with servers which have resilient hard disk storage and power supplies. In short this means when configuring the server we would for example set the storage level to RAID6, this is a disk storage configuration where in the event of 2 hard disks were to fail your business would still be able to work. Replacement disks would be on site and replaced as soon as a faulty disk is flagged as defective. Dual or quad power supplies in server are always running and when a power supply fails the other power supplies carry the load, until it is replaced.

The simple question that we normally ask SMEís when we are evaluating their disaster recovery requirements is.

What happens on a Monday morning when you get in to the office, you cannot log on to your network, you cannot access your client data, you have orders to dispatch but you cannot because your systems are down? What is your recovery plan? Do you have a plan B in the event the main systems are down?

The answer we normally get is that they have a basic backup but plan B never made it to first base. This is normally because people have too much trust in what they have and donít entirely understand the systems they have purchased or have their own understanding how they think it works. We have dealt with many clients who have contacted STARTEK in the event of disaster who had no backup in place and they were shocked to find out that their server didnít backup up their data automatically when they purchased it several years ago.

Disaster Recovery is such an in-depth area to talk about and there is so many different options, designs and budgets to take in to consideration, we normally meet with SMEís and thoroughly discuss what their needs are and also how far they would like to go in regards to budgets which is the key player in what options can be implimented.

If you would like to discuss STARTEK providing your business with a disaster recovery solution, then please contact us on via the contact us form or click the email link below.


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