Data recovery is a last point of call when all else has failed or if you didn’t have a backup in place.

There are times when Data Recovery will be required and there is long list of why it may be required, for example if computer was infected with a virus and the operating is no longer bootable, a growing hardware defect stopping the hard drive being accessed or more seriously mechanical failure, fire and flood damage.

We are happy to tell you that there are various levels of Data Recovery that STARTEK can provide your business with. We have many different types of specialised Data Recovery software packages on our site which 95% of the time will recover most file system types. If we are unsuccessful for whatever reason, we can then escalate this to our tier2 Data Recovery partner who deals with more in-depth Data Recovery incidents. An example would be if the hard drive had developed a critical hardware failure such as;

  • Head Stack Failure
  • Motor Failure
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Hard Drive PCB Damage or Failure

We have seen many success cases where data has been recovered from hard drives that have experienced failures such as the ones from the list above. The tier2 partner has a fully equipped Date Recovery Lab, this is a dust free environment where the technicians wear special suits to carry out the delicate and precision tasks that are required to attempt to recover the data from the failed or damaged hard drives.

Data Recovery is a last resort that is why we always recommend that all our clients have a backup solution in place as we normally find when dealing with new Data Recovery requests that there was never a backup in place. Please visit our Cloud Backup Page and Disaster Recovery Page for more information.

If you would like to discuss STARTEK providing your business with Data Recovery or a Backup Solution, then please contact us on via the contact us form or click the email link below.

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